Friday, 27 November 2009

Remembering My Angel

Today i recieved in the post the tiny paper christmas decoration to write in memory of my Mum from our funeral directors i noticed when arranging my mums funeral for christmas eve i looked a the lovely rememberance christmas tree...ive not too been too bad till the letter arrived and i want to write something on it to go there and hang it in her memory ....and for the first time in my life im stuck...i just cant find the words......i feel in sinking again and as her year anniversary is looming 13th December in so terribly sad......and feal so lonely....its going to be a hard christmas but not just for me..and i wish with all my heart i could help ease others suffering too...but i feel i can say to any one reading this is i do know what you all must be feeling and all i can send is a gentle you all


  1. Sending a Gentle ((Hug)) for you too.
    Trish (-:

  2. Sassy, I'm sending gentle hugs to you too. This time of year is a hard one for you and Christmas just isn't what it should be now your mum is no longer with you. I pray that you can get through this year and become stronger just knowing that we are here for you. You started this blog not only for yourself but to share with others who are also dealing with heartache and loss. A selfless act that will not go unnoticed, not even my your dear mum!
    God Bless you Sassy!
    Big, gentle hugs from across the pond.