Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas eve memories

It been four very lonely years since this day when we laid you to the moment mum im not well  again and have got out of bed to tell you how i miss you..and thanks  for the visit the other night i saw you smiling and felt your arms around me perhaps that why im feeling a bit better...i cant help but cry as i write this ,look after all those newest  little angels and comb their hair and miss you so much..for once in my life i dont know what to say,,,  my sweetheart wish you could come home.........
love you with ever beat of my heart
your everloving daughter 
my love goes out to all my firend s and all across the world to rhose who also have lost loved ones 
may we all find the strength to continue..our travels.our life ..our journey  with you all beside us 

Monday, 17 December 2012

My tribute to the Angels

I set up this blog a while ago for memories to share for the ones who have left us our loved ones our friends a place to channel any thoughts.. it was my way of helping me through the deaths of my parents s who died so close together close together it  was and still has  been  many dark days as im sure others have had to bare but  to hear  the awful news of those children  and their teachers i feel it fitting to place them here so from time to time i can lite a candle i fell powerless to help when all i want to do is give everyone involved in this dreadful aftermath is  my prayers .

curtesy from FB

i hope so sincerely hope that one is to upset with me for this .....but its just something i wanted to do and i know my mum and dad will be embracing everyone..
mum gentley put your arms around them and give them a kiss from me 
sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

My dad and Grandad fathers day wishes

Hppy Fathers Day Dad..hope you taking care of mum i do mis you both dreadfully but think of you loads ..all the time this is my one my last memory of my grandad too this was the last picture we had taken in 1960 he died soon after seeing his thrid grandaughter my sisiter babay janyne..... oh my word my coat...remember it was itchy what a horrid coat lol!!! and guess this is where my facination  with bows stems from ....thanks mum and miss you so much mummy my sweetheart xxxxxx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


from a friend..lovely words hugs sassyxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

R.I.P Auntie

It is with sadness that i have lost a very much loved Auntie and my family seem to be diminishing i know the ageing process and how its supposed to end but with the loss of another family member it grieves me and of course my cousins are feeling so sad and i am powerless to help.. may you our dearest Aunt be at peace and re-united with your hubby Tommy you will be sadly missed by all who knew this wonderful lady the picci with me giving her a hug was on our visit to Plymouth in March 2010

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Julie Greene

Have just had yet more sad news that my step sister Julie has passed away even though we werent as close as i may have wanted it still is a shock at the age of 49 to loose her my thoughts and prayers are with her daughters and my step mum nothing i can do or say is im here if you need me and so sorry fpr your loss I know my srep neices will be heartbroken asnis my stepmum rest in peace Juliexxxx

Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Tributes

If you have lost a loved one please lite a candle for them i just did you will find the link in the side bar s
**Idont need a angel on top of my Christmas tree i have my very own Angel looking over me***
please leave a comment if you have somone you will miss this Christmas
love to you all
Sassy Hugs xxxx