Thursday, 19 November 2009

My leap into the unknown ..Welcome

This is my leap into the unknown...its a place to come each and everyone to share those times when lifes getting you let go of say what perhaps you cannot say else where to tell a loved one passed they are still in your heart and your thoughts The only thing i ask of you is to keep this for the intentions it has been created not to abuse it and defile it but to grow and love it with the love it has been created respect it please don't misuse it...let us grow together share are love share our emotions do and say what you feel and if lifes a bitch..then lets kick it we are only human and along many paths we travel in different directions yet we all still can learn from each other and remember your not alone.
Over the next few months there hopfully will be support if you need it taken from others
there will be poems times to reflect
happy memories you want to share
all ideas to make this a happy contented home
will be your home to come and leave your thought your prayers
or just have a tantrum
remember though to respect your voice as not to offend
remeber too we all need to be heard
we all are here but once
but you will not walk alone
love guide you
hugs sassyx


  1. Sassy, I'm so happy that you decided to put this blog together. I hope you gain much love and devotion from those who join here and find the strength inside to get through your rough days. After losing two loved ones within 5 months this year has proved difficult for me to comprehend, but I know that the kind words from others has helped me tremendously. I pray that this blog will be used for the purpose of which you intended and we can all find love and support from each other...during our journeys through life.
    God Bless You!

  2. Sassy, I think you have done a wonderful thing by starting this blog. I have become a follower as I am sure many many more people wil too. Hugs xxxxxxx

  3. Hiya Sue ,this is great i know there are lots of people that will get comfort from reading this blog and not feel alone in their feelings about the loss of loved ones.I have some poems that i would love to send you with some lovely words.
    Trish (-:

  4. A lovely idea Sue, I've lit my candles!

  5. Thanks for providing a soft place to land during a hard time in our lives. It is angels that walk among us like yourself that can change the world. You never know when one caring word that is said could turn someone's world around. You are a true blessing that I am happy to have found. I will visit you often here and pray that God will bless you and all other visitors that come here for support and caring.


  6. its my pleasure and theres allot a soft landing and a listening ear hugs sassyx