Saturday, 13 November 2010

Remembering Alan Smith 1956 - 2010

Its been too long away from blog land and too long i feel i have deserted everyone whom i could in a small way support
and yet again the pain of loosing another loved one has hit home my wonderful brother in law Alan ages 54 diagnosed in March as terminal and through every thing he organised his own funeral the songs the prayers even chose his coffin and he did this with no fuss but with such dignity he was a lovely lad and he will and still is greatly loved and missed by his sister and brothers myself and his nephews and niece being divorced from the family i was unsure if i should go but me ex sister in law hugged me so hard all we could do was hold on so tight so in case the other would fall and even though i went through a harrowing divorce my ex hubbie held me closer than in all the years we had been married perhaps with time we all change and never realise we all can change death has a funny effect on everyone..anger..hurt..dispair..regret and just wishing with all our hearts we could turn back time but sadly we cant we just need to hold on to our memories and to embrace every new day tell our friends we love them and most of all those even closer to you at 54 was no age to suffer the way Alan did but he did it his way and for that Alan i salute you from the heart may angels be sitting at your side as i am sitting here thinking of you a special person in my life ....and if you see my Mum give her the biggest kiss from me as i miss her with all my heart....R.I.P xxxxx love you