Saturday, 12 December 2009

13-12-08 13-12-09 My Angel a year has passed

Just My words.......................
A rose petal will fall like these tears from my eyes
The pain in my heart no smile can ever disguise
I look at your picture , now blurred from my view
But My memory etched on my last day with you
A snowdrop will bloom again in the spring
Along with daffodils and birds on the wing
They will flit and will flutter from budding new tree's
And time goes around with nature with ease
A new day will come and sun shine will break
But my heart all alone will continuesly ache
The love for My Mother so missed by us all
Will be always with me when Autum will fall

So just like that flower your eternal love will grow
So deep, buried with in me
But my tears forever will flow

A year has passed my sweetheart and i miss and long to hug you and hold you close and give a kiss to dad too

i remain your everloving daughter susan xxxxxxxxxxxxx R.I.P nite nite both of you xxx


  1. Sue Sending you Love and (((((Hugs)))and Thinking about you on this difficult day.
    Trish X

  2. Such beautiful words from such a special lady! I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts through this difficult time.
    Take care of yourself sweet sassy!

  3. Wow these words are so moving as is the beautiful tribute. Thinking of you xxxx