Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas eve memories

It been four very lonely years since this day when we laid you to the moment mum im not well  again and have got out of bed to tell you how i miss you..and thanks  for the visit the other night i saw you smiling and felt your arms around me perhaps that why im feeling a bit better...i cant help but cry as i write this ,look after all those newest  little angels and comb their hair and miss you so much..for once in my life i dont know what to say,,,  my sweetheart wish you could come home.........
love you with ever beat of my heart
your everloving daughter 
my love goes out to all my firend s and all across the world to rhose who also have lost loved ones 
may we all find the strength to continue..our travels.our life ..our journey  with you all beside us 

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