Saturday, 16 January 2010

Total shock in tears again

Today ihad a delivery...ermm !!!!! not my birthday or anthing special..and it was fresh flowers ...then i read who they were from my eldest sister living in the Isle of we havent really got on like sisters ever ..even when we were young..and it was only when i read the letter she wanted to give to our Dad before he died my step mother thought it was a awful letter..and thrust it my wasnt a rotton was her going back to our childhood and the memories of us as a family before we lost our Dad to my stepmother..and her family and as there wasnt anything about her or her family she felt snubbed...well sorry but she never ever accepted her we had good reason..i only tried toget on because i wanted my dad back in my life....but reading her letter it was her way of saying goodbye...shes not one for sentiment and as i read it i felt my heart melt as i didnt realise she cared about any part of our lives...but she did...she never attended my dads funeral.or our Mums.for her own reasons but it became apparant she had missed those years and some of the years that had passed after she left to live on the Isle of Man so i thought id make her a family heritage albulm filled with all the info on ancestors and the like and although it was hard completing it after our Mother died i just wanted to give her some childhood memeories back...i had loads of photos ....and some of the times she never got to know about the birthdays mum had... the holidays we shared i have so many wonderful memories of my Swettest Mum,,,,,and she had little and although it was a very sad time for me i found it a hard road to go down...but for her i managed it just before christmas and sent it to her along with moms eldest siter has never shown emotion..but her call on Christmas morning well we were both in tears...she couldnt stop looking at the pages filled with all the photos and very sentimental stuff id gathered for her alot belonging to our Mum......and these stunning flowers were her way of thanking me for the treasured memories i gave her back.......people can change...and boy did i cry when i unwrapped these gorgeous wont ever read this sandra but i have never stopped loving you..........even through all the upsets your still my sister xx


  1. Aww Sassy this is just a beautiful story, how brave of you to make this album for her even though it made you cry.I,m sure your sister loves you just as much as you love her.And i,m sure your mum is looking down and is very proud of you.You are such a wonderful person.
    ((((BIG Hugs))))
    Trish (-:

  2. Sassy, God bless you for making that special album for your sister. Families don't always get along but you have taken the first step to make this right for her and in return she is trying (in the best way she can) to make things right by you! Thank you for sharing this story and for giving hope to all who read it. Those flowers are beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as you are!
    You truly are one in a million!
    Big hugs from across the pond!